Friday, 5 August 2011

And a truckload of gold

Do not,  I repeat, do not be afraid of the colour gold. No self-respecting Maharaja or modern-day princess would ever be seen without a truckload of its metallic namesake adorning the neck, ears, fingers and toes. Not to mention said-coloured fabrics lining their wardrobes and hanging from their ceilings. Sparkle and shine need not however, equal gaudiness. Nor should it be limited to personal adornment. Gold (and silver for that matter) make a rich and alluring accent colour to any space. Think fuschia and gold, red, black and gold, turquoise and gold, white, ivory and beige with a thread of gold/silver running through it, or simple royal-blue curtains, enveloped by a glorious, golden, tassel-tie-back, taking it from 'meh' magnificent in an instant. I sometimes hear people say, 'I dont know what colour goes well with purple,' or 'What would bring together this peach and silver material?'...........................One word.........................'GOLD' 

Gold, olive-floral & purple silk/brocade sari curtains with antique, silver beaded tie back. Sewn lovingly (including Venetian trim) by yours Truly.

 Border detail of curtain

Tricolour forest green, silver & gold,1960's crepe/lame' dress-material and gold sequence fabric (bought in retro fabric store, fashioned by me into cushion covers). The 'paisley-vine' design, lends itself perfectly to the exotic feel and adds pattern and warmth to a room.You have to love the psychadelic 60's.

Exquisite'Zaree' (Gold & Silver thread) bridal sari - used irreverantly as a valance. May the Gods of decor forgive me!

Throw any colour into this mix and watch your decor come alive.

Section of a divine, vintage, Rajasthani tapestry. Floral embroidered-detail,  using predominantly gold & silver thread. Hours of labour for the artisans, but a lifetime of viewing pleasure for me! 

I myself would love to be dipped in gold, and the Maharajah gives a 51-gun salute to all who go forth, golden and emboldened. So don't wait....................Be bold........................Go Gold!

Thank you for making space in your day to read my post
#All images from inside the 'House of Rani'
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)

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