Sunday, 1 April 2012

Crazy for Paisley

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Seems ever since the Rani was knee-high to a golden foot-stool, a love for all things decorative & decadent has consumed her every waking thought & deed. From climbing up curtains, age 3, for the express purpose of attaching Mother's diamante clips to the pleats & folds, to attacking any white-washed wall within a mile, with crayons of every hue & fancy (resulting often in a light pat to the tush!), to plastering a whole library of books with fabric, glittering stars & flower-power motifs. And while this may describe the life & times of many a young'en, for Baby Rani, however, these were more than just the musings of girly youth.......these were the early expressions of interior decorating gone mad & a deep-rooted connection to her history. The need to adorn, embellish, 'make ones mark' so to, as the Rani will share, older than time itself.

Divined into wood-block

Earliest amongst those with this desire have been nomadic tribal groups, groups who have historically used the decorative tool to beautify, enhance &, above all else, 'communicate'. The 'Adivasis' of Northern India, illiterate as they were, devised an inventive marking, using the clenched fist, dipped into paint & pressed side-down to a surface.......a design that signaled their cast, creed & individuality. This design would come to be known (courtesy of the East-India Company & the weavers of a certain little Scottish town) as the iconic, indispensable, highly ornate & sensual 'Paisley'.

Rani's cotton, paisley bed-spread

Few patterns so vividly evoke the exotic, sumptuous style & grace of Indian arts & crafts. The Rani has been hypnotised since childhood. A true disciple of the lusciously curved 'droplet', who has incorporated the pattern into many of her own creations, not to mention wrapping her whole Palace in various interpretations of it.

See & judge for yourself the level of her Paisley madness!

Crepe-chiffon sari curtain with decorative floral/paisley borders

Pretty paisley detail

1960's vintage dress material with luminous paisley applique, used to upholster old drawers.  
Cut, stretched, folded, tucked & tacked by yours truly!

Silk/cotton, paisley-covered photo-album.
Made with love by yours truly.
Wrapping history with history!

Psychadelic scarves of paisley distinction,

& lastly

 My 'OneRoseOneRuby' shop's tribute to paisley

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From the ancient Egyptians, right through to graffiti artists of today, a sign, a symbol, a flourish has captured & engaged us, started a dialogue & been the inspiration that has triggered more creative impulses. With her finger firmly on that pulse & a crazy passion for paisley.....the Rani's palace continues to positively vibrate!

#Committed to paisley? 
Do let the Rani know of any paisley invasions or manifestations going on at your Palace; in word or image.....the more divine 'droplets' the better!

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*All images from inside the 'House of Rani'
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