Friday, 16 December 2011

The mighty Toran


Just when you thought your Palace was replete, with all the shiny, shimmering bits & pieces necessary to dazzle even the most reticent palace walker......your eye suddenly skims over the lonely, naked, architrave of a window, crying out for the 'once - over' - Royal treatment. Enter the 'Toran' - a heavenly gift of craftsmanship, designed to beautify & enhance any doorway, gateway, archway, 'window-way'.....& quite frankly, any 'way' you'd like it!

Traditional Gujarati, cotton,
tribal-pattern, Toran

As the sun sets, a pretty silhouette emerges.

A kitchen window with flavour!
Sequenced cotton over bamboo screen, framed by a toran.

Even the smallest room in the house deserves some Palace pizazz.

An 'improvised' Toran.
Egyptian, belly-dancing skirt,
sparkles to effect.

 Terracotta & Bronze
Ganesh with bells, Toran.

Torans indicate happiness
and prosperity.The Maharani then, is
positively giddy!!

If like the Maharani, you adore a bit of 'tinkle' with your 'sparkle' and unable to find Indian bell Torans........decorative wind-chimes can be modified and substituted.

Curtain-ties can also be used, to add a touch of elegance, without  the effort or cost of upholstering a whole window pelmet.

More bells for the Maharani.

For the truly adventurous among you - flower leis, exotic beads or strips of silky ribbon are equally prized for creating something stately & spectacular. If you love the decorative, festive feel of the 'mighty toran', don't want to wait for an 'occasion' & feel compelled to get your 'shimmy-on' this instant...........then, dash out right now, collect your coins, your crafts,  your thoughts  &  get creative ..........................only the sky & the Palace tower's the limit.

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#All images are from inside the 'House of Rani' except (###) which is a personal travel photo.
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)
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