Sunday, 16 August 2015

Of Beauty, Background & Eastern Belonging

Beauty is in more than just the EYE of the beholder … it is in the very SOUL. Without it, soulfulness, that is, things are just things -- no shape, context or meaning. And I LOVE beauty & beautiful things to the depths of my soul. If that sounds shockingly materialistic or shamefully shallow, well how’s this, I make no apology for it either! 

Tonnes of tuberose & jasmine Gajra (flower garlands) 
& their necklace twin below.

Cotton/silk materials used for
OneRoseOneRuby necklaces, emulate flower leis.

To have a discerning eye, a discriminating taste, an appreciative appetite for beauty (AND, by default, the artist, artisan, crafter, atelier who’s beautiful thoughts germinated into a tangible creation that so captured you) ... is, in my opinion, not necessarily a bad thing. The secret is in the economy of choosing & the reasons behind the choice. Everyone’s desires, motivations & ‘money-bags’ are different, of course, but the finding, filtering, flirting & fascination with objects of beauty are part of the dance of life, & sometimes even, the letting go of the need to HAVE them. (I’ve not ENTIRELY reached that stage yet!)

Hand-crafted choker of 24Kt (mesh) gold.
A (maha)Rani family heirloom.

Bangles to bequeath, betroth & 
bedazzle the subcontinental lady.

Sensually, transparent net-sarees with delicate Chikankari embroidery ... to be transformed for my shop!

I, for one, am a person highly sensitive to my surroundings. A bare wall & a beige sofa are an ‘emergency surgery’ situation in my home. I’m also the individual who buys ‘travel candles’ & lights incense in the loo, for, you know, devotion … to the dunny goddess! From the tenderest age (in my homeland of India), I have witnessed colourfully colossal din-dins to the deities, fulgent fashions fit for a feathered monarch, high-octane, fragrant festivities, the likes of which only the Gods can fully digest, & homes festooned with truck-loads of tinsel, that TALKED! All of this has saturated my inner-world with an intense light & vivacious pulse -- the volume & velocity of which are always on MAX.

Tinsel ... of the 'vocal' variety!
(Old Delhi -- Chandni Chowk market)

Colourful crescent moons at the Muslim 
marriage registry (Kolkata)

As a consequence, I simply can’t live without the warmth & glow of colours in my home that recreate the dazzling sunset over the Yamuna river, nor the contrasting sheen & coolness of exquisite alloys against my skin, echoing full-moon nights, collecting water from a well. I always ‘hear’ bracelets, ‘smell’ sandalwood & ‘taste’ rose-water in my creations -- for they are the essence of the Orient ... & the bed-time story of my youth.

'Teratali', tribal dancer -- 
the embodiment of extravagance
colour & cultural connectedness
(Ranakpur, Rajasthan)

 Pink, orange, purple & green
Agra, a river & a row-boat.

My 'OneRoseOneRuby' shop pieces are a living, breathing tribute to this heritage. Every fabric, sari, trim, filigree-design, sumptuous stone & swinging pendant is a sonorous song to the past, present & future of my creative life -- afforded to me by ‘accident’ of birth & the ‘provision’ of certain artistic leanings. These memories & personal accessories; hand-crafted, designed & created by me, bring me enormous comfort … & much more, they bring me (& hopefully others) immense joy & pleasure.

'OneRoseOneRuby' textiles, trinkets, tassels, trim ...
= my treasure & my toil

Pleasure, for me, is the ultimate reward for a life well 'spent' ... AND intentioned. In my case, this has been studying history, commerce & art, independent travel, living abroad (both in Europe & Asia) … and seeking & ‘speaking’ beauty wherever I go. Yes, for me, beautiful things need to speak. They need to teleport, translate in all tongues & transmit endearing energies. They need to remind me of certain events & emotions -- hold strong memory connections of some ONE, some PLACE, some TIME; a thoughtful, well-made gift from a lover, a congratulatory gift to self, one's first pay-check purchase, that dream-trip to Tangiers ... each offering a story of our likes, loves, tastes, traits & interactions.

Cairo's carpets. 
A middle-eastern melange & magical remembrance.

Antique Ottoman oil lamps. Turkey's got taste ... & talent!

There needs to be ALL of this, coupled with croon-worthy craftsmanship & a sharp sense of history, for a thing to have ‘value’ for me. In my world, you see, ‘things’ are not just functional ... they are EXPERIENTIAL, often emblematic & almost always edifying.

Mud-brick paintings & 
primitive places (Shilpgram, Udaipur)

A medieval marvel ... 
Kalna, terracotta temple carving.

I don't want to get to the end of my days with a storage-unit filled with meaningless fandangles that were de rigueur for a hot-minute. No, I want to own things, make things, gift, see & share things that stand the test of time ... that turn heads, start dialogues, warm hearts. I want my life & my painted tomb to say (like Tutankhamun himself) … I was here … I lived ardently, expansively … & I liked a bit of the good stuff! Xx

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