Maharani Must-Haves

A cup of prettiness

Whatever your poison, be it spicy chai,
green or Russian, make the vessel exquisite...adds to the flavour!

Short-stack of
cushiony comfort

Just throw it on the floor & pounce!
No formality needed.

Ayurvedic beauty

Divine skin, Divine glow

 Lotus flowers
real or faux
#  #  #

A flower to soak for perfume, float for longevity 
& whose roots you can eat,
breathtaking too.......enough said!

Priceless, pierced lanterns

Lights, Camera, Ambience.
So chic.........Sigh!!!!


 A gold collection of gorgeousness

Let me say it again............Gold = Luxury!

Tea glasses of infinite colour

Colourful, shapely & elegant.....
the Turkish got it right.

The Art of B.G Sharma

 Devotional, detailed & inspiring

An arsenal of
perfume oils
#   #   #

Be it Indian, Moroccan or French, who among us
doesn't love a sensuous oil?


*KINDLY NOTE - The above items are not for sale, but serve as inspiration for your own 'Palace-homes'.
*All images, except (###) from the 'House of Rani'.


  1. WOW!!! Your palace must be so gorgeous, dear Char!! I love your style and all of the above items are so pretty and wonderfully arranged. Love how everything is so well balanced in colour & placement! Pure perfection!! I'm moving in with my boyfriend (after 10 years together) in a few months, and I'm quite excited because I get to make one room of his flat my own (he said I could do whatever I want with it). I will be drawing inspiration from your lovely images. I want to make the room tasteful, yet whimsical.

    It's such an exciting, yet scary step for me. But I'm really looking forward to the change!!

    Thanks again for your inspiration & awesome support!!

    I think this time you'll see the comment as coming from moi, Cynthia

    1. Hello my wonderful friend Cynthia 🙋🏽
      So lovely of you to visit & leave this joyful comment (with all the excitement & promise it holds! 🤗)
      Congratulations are in order 🎉 I'm delighted to hear your happy news & wish you all the love, sparkle & whimsy your heart desires 🎀🌟💐
      Thank you for your palace appreciation as well - mine really is a very small abode filled with (mostly) things I make & also collect on my travels.
      At the heart of it all is the fearless use of colour, texture & pattern. It really makes me feel warm, alive, playful & yes, 'whimsical' - I think that is the best word to describe the Indian aesthetic 🕌 ...
      While everyone seems to be going 'minimalist' & stripping out colour, I am layering & embellishing with more! 😍🌈 Keeping within a palette of complimentary colours & a few striking contrasting ones. For me, exuberant tones & shiny imagination act as antidepressants & also serve to create a glorious 'Indian Summer' ALL year long 😊☀️.
      I am so glad that I can provide a few simple ideas & also very flattered that you like my bright, quirky style 🙏😘🙏

      Thank you to the moon 🌙 for your love, support, openness & beautiful compliments.
      They mean so much to a girl who often feels 'outside' the mainstream trends 🕉💫
      Love & Smoochies ❤️😘😘😘😘❤️


#Thanks for bringing some extra sparkle & cheer to the Palace today. I'm delighted to read your comments (& Shimmying too!!!)