Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Prince among men.......

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There have been mighty kings, fierce warriors & chivalrous knights, those who forged great empires in their sleep, felled foes for breakfast & dazzled a damsel or two at too, princes who pounced & poets who brooded, men seeking knowledge & beauty, others only pomp & power....yet, few among these could lace a boot, petit-point a cushion or give a jolly toss for the finer elements of 'House & Palace'......that was the stuff of ladies, that is until.....'Henry Wilson'. Sure, there are countless, caravans full of creative men.....but for the 'Indophile', there is only one. To the unacquainted, Mr Wilson is a notable photographer, designer, writer & interminable interior-design-guru with a singular appetite & appreciation for all things India.

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While Henry's design books are widely available & showcase the gloriously rich, colourful & diverse interiors of India lovers, lesser known & viewed, perhaps, are photographs of his own heavenly abode. Below, you can take an exalted walk through his magnificent, (self-styled) majestic kingdom.

Holy Maharajah!
Wall-to-wall wondrous wallpaper*

Mhmm, he sews!
Luxurious velvet cushions with 
'petit-point' stitch* 

Regal is as regal does
Beaded skirting & gilded door-ways*

It is not uncommon in many Indian Palaces & homes, to find every square inch of space, carved, painted, tiled, tinseled, mosaiced, marbled, furnished, fussed-over, rugged, 'joojed', color-strewn & bedazzled. It is merely a part of the Indian aesthetic to 'layer-on' the love & adornment. There is a sense of intimacy that comes with this.......knowing that nothing has been overlooked, neglected or given that extra regal touch.

Deep jewel-toned walls of warmth...
Yes your Majesty!*

Pomegranate vines & dramatic contrasts*

  Gold, sandstone & wood  
for his OR her 'Palace'*

Vibrant & earthy, characteriz
the stylish Indian home*

No Rani or Indian-Interior enthusiast need face life without a little piece of style on their dial. 'India design' & 'India contemporary ' by Henry Wilson are staples of lavish livelihood & I have spent many an evening drowning deliciously into the pages of both. Few wouldn't be intrigued by his  keen eye for colour & detail & none unaffected by his bold & imaginative celebration of the Subcontinent - layer upon layer of vibrancy, design, history & ideas, all melded into the perfect decorative soup.

A bath & a half!
Interesting tribal & geometric designs
add masculinity

A cosy kitchen-bench of 
 Henry's stencils*

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Style sensibilities are so personal & individual, rendering it nigh impossible to say who or what's best....all possess the genius to beautify & enhance, but only some have that rare ability to exploit the imagination, give expression to it in the most abundant & complex way. I've known a chap or two in my time who have each created a rare item of beauty, but I tell you sincerely, a man who can decorate, match a paint to a tile & loop a thread through the eye of a truly a man worth knowing.

Thank you for making space in your day to read my post
# Photos from the 'House of Rani'
* Other images taken from 'Elle-Decor' - Celebrating India, Collector's Edition. (Personal copy)
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char) 

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