Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pink appreciation day

For many, the word 'Pink', summons frightful memories of frilly, childhood tutus & "oh-so-wrong" frosted pink lipstick, matchy-matchy (bubble-gum-pink) outfits with your sister/maybe even your brother (bet he's had some therapy!) not to mention that whole 80's thing - certifiably-bad, flourescent-pink socks, leotards & head-bands & lest we forget those fluffy 'hot'-pink leg warmers (you confidently worked, over pink denim jeans!).....Umm, no wonder many of us shunned 'Pinkness' for a few decades. Hopefully, now that the trauma has subsided, we can move into a fully realized love-affair with the strong jewel & delicate blush tones of the ever fanciful & fabulous 'Pink'.

Magenta pink threadwork
on a delightful Tunisian ottoman.

I can think of no other colour that better encapsulates the essence of femininity & sensuality. Pink, is 'the' quintessential colour of Indian decor & features strongly in many a Morrocan, Mexican or Mandalayan home too..........from vibrant magenta bed spreads to brilliant boganvillia-pink cushion covers.........

A montage of heavenly
pink things.

......elegant musk or petal-pink walls, ornaments & flowers......not to mention Rani-pink, throw covers & sheer saris,  that tantalize, capture the imagination & perhaps induce a rosy blush to the cheeks too.

The sheerest, shiniest, shimmiest, 
 silk-voile sari in 'babyest' pink.

 Rose-pink, silk, orchid flowers

Of course a palate of pink 'fresh flowers' are ideal.......& the Maharani makes a point of ordering colourful blooms when in season.

A delectable, mixed pink/orange rose bouquet.
From a discreet admirer of the Maharani.

Fuschia-pink Ali Baba cushion,
gold accents & Jute.
Take me to the Bazaar Now!!

Try to expand your pink repetoire.   If unsure of which shades to put together.............just take a flying leap into boldness & blend them all! You will achieve a sublime depth of tone & explosion of colour like no other.......vary your textures and 'lift' the tableaux with a lighter accent colour; such as cream, lemon, mint-green, or lilac......the possibilities are endless.

So much pink, So little time. 
Raspberry-pink & Cream.
All bonding in the one space.

Never forget to revel in your creativity & point of difference. Roll around on that carpet, like a Maharani does & soak up the luxurious, vibrant, ambience. Love that pink - & worship it daily.....long may 'Pink' live to brighten up our homes and our hearts.

Thank you for making space in your day to read my post
#All images from inside the 'House of Rani'
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)

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