Friday, 23 March 2012

Put a trim on it.....

*MPW gets a warm mention on American artist Christine Mason Miller's website*

Heaven help me, the Rani is certainly no hootin, tootin, gun-totin 'Calamity Jane', but if there's one pistol she's happy to carry around in her bejewelled holster, smoking & ready to use at a moment's would be her ever-lovin, ever-faithful, all-purpose, hot-action glue gun! One shot to any surface, a bit of heavenly bonding & BAM...........instant palace-couture!

1 piece floral trim + 
$3 wooden frame = Hey Presto!

Encasing the Imperial images in a style 
to which they've grown accustom

Did you not see the Maharajah 
happily twirl his magnificent moustache?

The need to improvise & economize in hard financial times, means even the Rani has had to employ a bit of imagination & wiliness to achieve some courtly appeal.


The Rani is particularly fond of mixing retro fabrics, such as this 1970's hipster-swirl 'shirt' fabric (Yes, you heard right, shirt fabric!) with Indian Jari borders. Different textures & patterns make a throw-cover, so much more pleasurable to pounce on.

1960's, second-hand, foot-stool given the hot-glue-gun treatment. Scalloped-lace, ivory tassel glued over original upholstery, with a bit of Rani-pink beaded-trim for contrast & effect.......Only royally loyal feet, will now be placed on this!

A mirror of Rani's making & reflection. To bring a little dimension & colour to the mix, some faux-pearl strands have been glued on.

 Many a time (as I'm sure you all have) I have received or ordered an item I wasn't entirely thrilled with. Neither ready to dip in gold nor toss in the river - which Ranis don't do for environmental reasons - a good compromise is to fashion the item into something you'd prefer. As with the mirror above.......a small addition of shine & colour turned a 'nice' piece into a 'dazzling' one. Not expensive & completely salvageable for the Palace.

1 Indian tunic too small (because Rani ate too much cake last Christmas & every subsequent day since!!), cut down the middle, arms snipped, silver cotton-wire trim added & Ravi's your Uncle!...ready to use as a runner or wall decoration.

While some hand-sewing can also be employed, & certainly should, for more delicate & expensive materials, the squeezy glue-gun often bonds tinsel trims and the like much better & lasts longer too. But if truth be told, it's the fact that it is a considerably faster method for embellishing that keeps the Rani so firmly attached to her glue-gun holster. More time, means more shimmies around the palace, searching, looking, hoping for other fading put a trim on. 
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*All images are from inside the 'House of Rani'
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)
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  1. Absolutely love the photo frames! The Rani can definately be trusted with a glue gun!

  2. Haha, thank you dear Danielle, have been practicing my squeezy techniques for some time now...........come for a Palace-Walk with me again soon!
    Scattering 1000 rose-petals across the ocean to you

  3. Gorgeous sparkly things, love the photos

    1. Thank you very much Beautiful ZamZam.
      Do stop by the Palace whenever you're free.
      Big hugs & shoulder shimmies
      Rani (Must twirl through your Riad soon)


#Thanks for bringing some extra sparkle & cheer to the Palace today. I'm delighted to read your comments (& Shimmying too!!!)