Friday, 16 December 2011

The mighty Toran


Just when you thought your Palace was replete, with all the shiny, shimmering bits & pieces necessary to dazzle even the most reticent palace walker......your eye suddenly skims over the lonely, naked, architrave of a window, crying out for the 'once - over' - Royal treatment. Enter the 'Toran' - a heavenly gift of craftsmanship, designed to beautify & enhance any doorway, gateway, archway, 'window-way'.....& quite frankly, any 'way' you'd like it!

Traditional Gujarati, cotton,
tribal-pattern, Toran

As the sun sets, a pretty silhouette emerges.

A kitchen window with flavour!
Sequenced cotton over bamboo screen, framed by a toran.

Even the smallest room in the house deserves some Palace pizazz.

An 'improvised' Toran.
Egyptian, belly-dancing skirt,
sparkles to effect.

 Terracotta & Bronze
Ganesh with bells, Toran.

Torans indicate happiness
and prosperity.The Maharani then, is
positively giddy!!

If like the Maharani, you adore a bit of 'tinkle' with your 'sparkle' and unable to find Indian bell Torans........decorative wind-chimes can be modified and substituted.

Curtain-ties can also be used, to add a touch of elegance, without  the effort or cost of upholstering a whole window pelmet.

More bells for the Maharani.

For the truly adventurous among you - flower leis, exotic beads or strips of silky ribbon are equally prized for creating something stately & spectacular. If you love the decorative, festive feel of the 'mighty toran', don't want to wait for an 'occasion' & feel compelled to get your 'shimmy-on' this instant...........then, dash out right now, collect your coins, your crafts,  your thoughts  &  get creative ..........................only the sky & the Palace tower's the limit.

Thank you for making space in your day to read my post
#All images are from inside the 'House of Rani' except (###) which is a personal travel photo.
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)
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  1. Hi Rani, what a lovely piece. Surrounded by all these gorgeous fabrics, tassels and colours sure must bring joy to any heart. Keep on posting my friend, you are so inspirational xxxx

    1. Thank you to the moon dearest Linda!
      This post was republished accidentally while updating my blog ...oops!
      Not one of my finest moments, but always happy to share the simple inspirations.
      Appreciate your kind comments Xx


#Thanks for bringing some extra sparkle & cheer to the Palace today. I'm delighted to read your comments (& Shimmying too!!!)