Sunday, 29 January 2012

Let there be light

There are two distinct types of 'lighting lovers' - those who love the 'brightness' and those who love the 'darkness'. And by 'darkness' I refer to the kind of soft, dappled ambience of a Mosque, at-day-break...........NOT the 'Occult Of Satan Kind'! Though many people do fall somewhere in the middle; turning the glow up or down, on or off, depending on the mood or occasion. Regardless of one's preference, one thing remains for sure.............the lighting in a room, can make or break it. It frames & gives focus, can take you to the stars and beyond, sets the tone for romance or equally kills the moment, should the glare be too garish! A spectacular light or lamp is like a beautiful Maharani, your eyes are drawn to her, the moment you step into a room.  


'Miss Morocco'

Contoured, earthy & elegant

'Miss Egypt'

Luminous, veiled & mysterious

'Miss Turkey'

Traditional, handsome & sophisticated  

'Miss India'

Sparkly, ornate & decorative 

'Miss Indonesia'

Strong, balanced & intricate

Mix your lighting styles for maximum impact. (Go global if  particularly fearless) You could simply or dramatically emphasize a shy corner of a room with a vibrant, stand-alone lamp or illuminate the entire space with a collection of small, hanging  lanterns (see below) Keep to scale of course; gigantic fixtures for mammoth palaces & modest fixtures for smaller palaces etc...but there are really no hard & fast rules. As long as your lighting  transcends the space it occupies & exudes a warmth & intimacy befitting of a 'Miss Maharani', I'd say you're on the right & regal track.

'Miss, Give-me-$10,000!'
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Show room or Palace room?
You choose.
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#All images are from inside the 'House of Rani', except (###) which are my personal travel photos
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)

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