Thursday, 23 August 2012

Collections & Reflections


To whomever wrote 'A thing in & of itself is sufficient ', (i.e., one thing is enough), while I mostly adhere to the principle & honor the sentiment, I need, at this precise & divine moment, to fully shut-out such thoughts......because here comes Rani in her chariot of clinking, clanking collectibles, happy as hell & unlikely to ever get off!

One genie's lamp does look dashing, 
but 10 in a row takes you to Turkmenistan #

Oh, the joy of a colourful new 'find' to christen a solitary interior space or, even better, to add to a bevvy of existing beauties. Any decorative house, homestead or Palace can attest to the cumulative bliss of a spectacular collection. Items that stand soulfully on their own, when placed together, create a splash & a symphony.

Yes, I'll take 15 pairs thanks

There's no doubting the fact that placing, spacing, styling & arranging beloved items of worth &/or sentiment creates a wondrous visual story. Whether it be the perfect alignment of tea-pots in a row or the seeming disarray of a pile of oriental shoes. What matters most is the theme, the element of quirk, of whimsy, that circular path of interest that propelled your passion in the first place.

A cornucopia of copper, bells & brass #

Mixed metals for the Maharajah

Collections of any kind exhibit keen, if not astute, interest. From modest, artful home displays to powerful posturings of wealth. Which Palace or stately home ever failed to impress with its fine gatherings of silver, armoury, furniture, glass-ware, brass-ware, pewter & paintings? Collections that speak of grand-eloquence & the history of ages.  From the Russian Hermitage all the way to the magnificent Topcapi Palace of Istanbul.

Coloured glass of varying sizes & aperitifs

Some collections, however, need not be palace-guarded. They can take shape using virtually anything. Items of common material, colour, cultural interest, size, texture, pattern, era, theme, function, sentiment......& infinite other inspirations.

Turkish tiles of distinction

No object of beauty was ever diminished when placed side by side in Rani's Palace

A selection & 'collection' of coffee-table books

Roses of Ribbon

In keeping with my palace textile passions & collections, rolls of trim & ravishing ribbons, make for beautiful floral substitutes & displays. Pile high into glasses, vases & brass cups.

Maharani's mountain of cushions

A mass of marvellous, mosaic tea-light holders #

Whether it be the simplest decor items or the most highly collectible, a discerning art collector or a lover of modest, market buys.....all can create a tableaux of equal impact & sophistication.

No Palace would be complete without
vintage perfume collection

Such is our nature to want to repeat the thrill of a first-time buy, to partner, pair & place together pretty items of import & significance, to add value to them by 'arrangement', to reflect upon each with fondness & love, to tell a story, create a lasting impression....& for those among us with a penchant for veritable 'altars' of admirable adornment, the temptation to keep adding to our decor-family is always irresistible & never, ever 'entirely' sufficient.

Thank you for making space in your day to read my post
*All images are from inside the 'House of Rani' except (#) which are my personal travel photos.
#All Writing & Photography by Rani.C (Char)

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